The Center for Leadership Education will teach you about business and provides a wide array of programs and options designed to help students build a course of study that supports their educational and life goals. How you learn is up to you–take a class or two, pursue a minor, complete an internship, manage a student-run business, or participate in an oral presentations contest or business plan competition. Pick the perfect combination of academics and experiential activities to suit your entrepreneurial goals.

Our programs and opportunities are open to all students on the Homewood campus (WSE and KSAS), as well as students from Peabody and the School of Public Health. Students from all disciplines take our classes, and our minors are compatible with every major. The courses you take and experiences you gain through CLE will make you highly marketable to employers and graduate schools. In fact, many CLE alumni tell us how being involved with CLE helped them beat out the competition to secure internships and jobs. The E&M minor, in particular, complements every field of study–from BME to Psychology. Even if you don’t plan to pursue the field of business, having a background in business fundamentals will give you an advantage, no matter what career you choose

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