The Center for Leadership Education’s academic programs provide Hopkins students at all levels with an understanding of the fundamentals of enterprise and prepare them to:

  • innovate to solve real-world problems
  • practice the self-awareness and relationship-building skills required to successfully lead teams
  • make ethical decisions
  • communicate effectively both in writing and orally

Undergraduate Programs

CLE minor programs are open to all undergraduate students on the Homewood campus (WSE and KSAS), as well as students from the Peabody Institute and the School of Public Health. Paired with any major, CLE programs make students dynamic candidates on the job market and assist them in starting their own ventures, entering graduate school, or advancing into leadership positions.

The A. James Clark Scholars Program was established through a partnership between the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering to honor the legacy of A. James Clark, a noted engineer, businessman, and philanthropist. Working together under the guidance of a faculty mentor, Clark Scholars participate in specialized academic programs and service opportunities designed to develop future leaders and enhance their undergraduate experience.

The Professional Communication Program offers small, immersive courses that help undergraduate and graduate students learn how to become more effective storytellers, researchers, interpreters, writers, and speakers, as well as how to translate their academic and technical degrees into the professional world.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Science in Engineering Management recruits top engineering, science, and math graduates from across the globe and pairs their technical track of choice with a variety of courses in management, positioning students to innovate technically while building their professional acumen.

The Professional Development Program provides opportunities for graduate students across the university to develop professionally and gain practical knowledge in specialized areas including developing business plans, managing people, delivering professional presentations, working in interdisciplinary teams, and more.

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