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“Every day, I get to see from a different perspective and tackle problems in a new way.” -Ishpreet, Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering, Major

Ishpreet Singh didn’t expect to spend so much of his time in college thinking about playground equipment, but it’s been a preoccupying issue in one of his classes.

That’s because Singh is a member of the A. James Clark Scholars Program at Johns Hopkins, which aims to train students in engineering, business, leadership, and community service. During the 2018-19 academic year, the Clark Scholars partnered with Barclay Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore to host science and technology expos and to improve the public school’s playground.

It’s an opportunity for Singh and other Clark Scholars to learn about design and business. After determining the client’s needs, the scholars will devise plans for improving the tot lot, whether by replacing black top and hardscaping, replacing or repairing benches, or custom-designing playground equipment themselves. They’ll pitch their proposals to the school leadership and help usher the project through completion.

“Before I came to Hopkins I thought I wasn’t interested in business,” Singh says. “But through the Clark Scholars Program, I got to see how engineering and business is an interconnected, flowing system. And it’s great to work with the students at Barclay and see how they come up with ideas because of who they are and what they see that I never would have come up with. Every day, I get to see from a different perspective and tackle problems in a new way.”

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By EL on May 2, 2019
The Clark Scholars design proposals for the Barclay preschool and kindergarten were reviewed and accepted by the schools’ administration! New additions to the playground coming soon! This includes a blacktop that the Clark Scholars will paint jointly with the Barclay students. See photos of the Scholars cleaning the playground and drawing with chalk of things to come.













Three Clark Scholars Go to Israel!

By Lindsey on February 7, 2019

Please see this video of the experience by Jordan:


“Seeing a thriving startup culture in such a small country with limited resources has greatly inspired my own entrepreneurial ambitions. In just 3 weeks, I really felt a gained a deeper connection to Israel through interacting with a wide variety of people from all around the country and of course eating delicious food! Truly a transformative experience.”

Clark Scholars visit The Franklin Institute

By Lindsey on November 5, 2018

“Electricity is a modern necessity of life, not a luxury.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

This past Saturday, 22 of the Clark Scholars visited The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. The Franklin Institute, one of the oldest centers of science education and development in America, memorializes the initiatives of Benjamin Franklin, and houses exhibits related to discovery, technology, and science. Some of these exhibits include: Your Brain, Changing Earth, Electricity, The Giant Heart, and Space Command. The Scholars were able to explore the interactive stations, expand their knowledge, and spark their curiosity! The Scholars practiced their best versions of some “throwback” songs on the bus ride back to campus (i.e. Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the U.S.A.’) and maximized their time at the exhibitions by engaging with the variety of portals. One Scholars even noted that he wished their had been more time to explore all of the different levels of the institute.












The ultimate highlight of the trip was from the request of one of the first-year scholars, Sean, who decided to take advantage of our proximity to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Sean recreated his best version of Rocky Balboa’s stair sprints. The theme song, “Gonna Fly Now,” played in the background, he was dressed in his best grey sweat-suit, and he raised his arms  triumphantly when he reached the top. The “Yo Adrian” reenactment made for an entertaining way to conclude the trip!






Happy Halloween

By Lindsey on October 31, 2018

Vara, David, Jonathan, Bella, Sean, Professor Aronhime & Geno. Not pictured: Cameron


The Clark Scholars class of 2022 have spent the last two months adjusting to life at JHU. In this short time, the seven first-year students have bonded as a cohort and connected with their mentor, Professor Lawrence Aronhime. Last Sunday, October 28th, “Prof. Aronhime” toured the Baltimore Museum of Art with the students, as he likes to connect artwork with his Introduction to Business slides and lectures. “Intro to Biz” is a required course for the Clark Scholars first-year curriculum, and in an auditorium of 121 students, the seven scholars sit together in the very front row. Professor Aronhime has met with the class of 2022 several times this semester to provide guidance. “Start now” is his advice, encouraging the students to think about what their interests and personal goals are, and perhaps more importantly, industries and career paths in which they know they don’t want to pursue. Today, in the spirit of Halloween, the Clark Scholars played the ultimate trick and dressed up as Professor Aronhime in his typical garb: laced shoes, jeans, a rolled up flannel and glasses (see picture above). Happy Halloween…and bravo, first-year Clark Scholars!


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