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Learning doesn’t have to end when you exit the classroom. Want to create your own venture? Gain leadership experience? Manage an investment portfolio or a marketing campaign for a Baltimore-area client? CLE’s experiential learning opportunities allow students to practice and perfect the skills gained in the classroom through real-world, hands-on projects.

Explore Experiential Learning Opportunities

Student-run Organizations

CLE sponsors seven student-run organizations and professional associations. Whether you are interested in a career in consulting, finance, or marketing, or if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, you will find an organization to meet your needs.

Intersession Travel Experiences

Students have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, complete onsite visits, tackle hands-on projects, and become immersed in other cultures during Intersession courses with travel components. Locations include NYC, Silicon Valley, Denmark, and Israel.

ESL Consulting

Non-native English-speaking students who need assistance with grammar, speaking skills, presentation skills, pronunciation, or idiomatic phrases are welcome to schedule an ESL consultation. Open to Hopkins undergraduates, WSE graduate students, and Hopkins graduate students taking a CLE course or module.

Internship Sponsorship

CLE sponsors student internships in order for students to earn academic credit for unpaid internships. Students have completed internships with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Morgan Stanley, the Baltimore Orioles, T. Rowe Price, The World Trade Center Institute, Fila, UnderArmour, and more.

I gained practical experience from being a course assistant within the CLE and an executive board member of the Marshal L. Salant Student Investment Team. These roles helped differentiate my application from other candidates and allowed for good talking points in finance interviews.

female student Namrata Mehta (B.A. ‘19)