CLE offers a variety of Intersession courses, several with a stateside travel or study abroad component. Our courses based on the Homewood Campus include Exploring Leadership: For Hopkins Students Who Want to Make a Difference, Commercializing your Invention or Idea, Real Estate, Development, and Finance, Sports Negotiation, The Art of Opinion, Leadership in Times of Crisis, and more.

Stateside Travel

Two of our Intersession courses–Media & P.R. in the Big Apple and Seminar in Financial Literacy (run in cooperation with the Department of Economics)–combine classroom learning with a 3-day trip to visit alumni at leading media and investment banking firms in New York City. Tech and Entrepreneurship (co-sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations) combines classroom learning with site visits to established companies and start-ups in San Francisco.

Intersession Abroad

CLE also offers study abroad Intersession courses in Israel and Denmark. In each course, students partner with a local university and outside organizations to gain hands-on experience with real-world projects.

For course descriptions, click on the course titles below. Please see the Intersession website for more information, including course dates and times, and registration instructions.

Stateside Courses with a Travel Component

This course follows the natural capitalization sequence of a company to introduce the main components of the financial services industry: private equity, commercial finance, IPO’s, M&A’s and leveraged buy-outs, Wall Street research, asset management, and industry ethics. Lectures on these topics will be given by alumni financial experts. The course concludes with a three-day trip to New York City, which will include visits to financial firms and an alumni networking reception. S/U only. 1 credit

Gain insight into trends and career opportunities in public relations and media through one week of class learning (half days) followed by a 3-day trip to New York to network with and learn from executives from leading P.R. and media firms. S/U only. To see deadlines and register, follow this link to the intersession site. 1 credit

This course is an opportunity to learn and practice skills that lead to careers in tech and entrepreneurship. The course will cover a range of topics from navigating the startup space to building relationships. Guest lecturers will include JHU alums who have successfully navigated the tech startup space. Finally, the course will end with a trip to the Bay Area to connect with tech startups and large companies alike. 2 credits

Study Abroad Opportunities

JHU Israel Intersession Abroad. Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Global Setting. Course offered in collaboration with the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. Permission required. Must be taken for a letter grade. Open to students on the JHU Israel Intersession Abroad Program only. 3 credits.

Intersession Abroad course offered in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark. Course explores the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship, with case studies specific to Denmark. Learn the principles, values and skills necessary to lead and succeed in organizations that make a positive difference in today’s world. The course is designed to help students identify and provide opportunities to enhance their leadership skills. A “Blueprint for Success” will provide the framework for students to cultivate their own ideas for new socially conscious entrepreneurial ventures. Students will hear from successful current leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship and be provided the opportunity to network with JHU alumni, faculty and staff who are working or volunteering in for-profit or non-profit entities through occupations that make a difference. 3 credits.