Our approach to developing leaders involves the identification of skills and the acquisition of knowledge necessary to effectively exercise leadership in a variety of settings.

We deliver coursework and experiential learning opportunities designed to help students succeed in and lead in entrepreneurial ventures and professional settings through four key innovation and sustainability principles: self-development, interpersonal development, organizational and group development, and sustainability and transitional development.

  • Through self-development, students examine their strengths, weaknesses, values, and motivations; verbalize and prioritize what is important to them; evaluate their sense of integrity, initiative, accountability, adaptability, and wellness; and set goals. We teach students to stop, reflect, and be mindful of their place in the world.
  • Through interpersonal development, students cultivate their relationship building and communication skills, as well as their understanding of ethical practices, and learn how to facilitate collaboration, conflict resolution, and compromise among teams.
  • Through organizational and group development, students develop skills in visioning, creativity, risk-taking, resiliency, and modeling behaviors; in measuring and documenting progress; in thinking critically and assessing the impact of environmental factors on an organization; and in building community, coalitions, and cultural understanding.
  • Through sustainability and transitional development, students learn how to network, how to take advantage of perpetual learning, and how to develop and mentor others.