The Center for Leadership Education announces the Alexander Fotiadi Fund to encourage Johns Hopkins students to create and participate in projects, competitions, and other collaborative activities by supporting their travel* to required locations, both domestic and international.  Projects that result from CLE classes and activities will receive priority consideration, and at least one member of any team must be enrolled in a CLE class at the time of application for funding. A committee of CLE faculty will review applications on a rolling basis.

To apply, submit an application. Please note that applicants must attach a detailed budget to their applications for full consideration. Applications submitted less than two weeks in advance of the travel/event date will be declined.

*students may also apply for support with conference or competition fees and other expenses.


As a Greek architectural student in England just after World War II, Alexander Fotiadi found ways to explore the marvels of European art and life despite his scant finances. Using his family’s extensive network of Greek friends and diplomats, he traveled by train 3rd class to explore several European capitals. Among the many gifts he bequeathed to his daughter Giaovanna Kampouri-Monnas, CLE Advisory Board member and mother of JHU and MSEM alum Alexi Bennink ‘17,  was his strong belief that one’s education would only be complete by immersing oneself in the culture, history, and everyday life of different societies.

This fund was created to ensure Hopkins students are able to enhance their academic learning through travel, just as Mr. Fotiadi was able to as a student.