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Equip your future leaders with the capabilities necessary to leverage new technologies, recognize the impact of wider geo-political and macro trends, and increase their value delivery and positive impact through one of CLE’s executive education certificate programs.

Our programs unite academic units throughout Johns Hopkins University, including the Whiting School of Engineering, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Advanced International Studies, and the Applied Physics Laboratory, to deliver a holistic experience.

Our current offerings are listed below. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us at [email protected] to discuss designing a custom program for your future leaders.

Executive Education Workshops

Technology Innovation

Many innovation efforts fail to reach their objectives, not because of technology, but because they don’t address important and valuable problems.

This workshop introduces the Whiting School of Engineering’s structured innovation process to discover valuable problems—particularly those that may disrupt an industry or business model in the future.

Technology Trends and Disruptors

Is your business about to be disrupted by revolutionary new technologies or disruptive business models?

This workshop draws on the subject matter expertise of Whiting School of Engineering faculty to identify, explain, and prioritize emerging tech trends, their implications, and why they may be relevant to your organization, your competitive position, or your overall strategy.

Communications for Technologists

Technologists are great at coming up with new solutions but often struggle to communicate them to non-technical audiences.

This workshop helps technologists and tech managers to more effectively communicate complex concepts, and to better market them to non-technical audiences. It draws on WSE faculty experienced in teaching communications for engineers, scientists, and tech executives.

Tech Management and Leadership

Leading a technology company or new venture has its unique challenges that are often more complex than other types of businesses.

This workshop draws on the expertise of Whiting School of Engineering faculty to teach the management and leadership techniques that are essential to ensuring your organization is innovation-focused, responsive, and competitive in the rapidly changing environments that tech companies typically face.