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Diversity and Inclusion

Johns Hopkins Marchers Show Their Pride

Hundreds from the Johns Hopkins community participate in the annual Baltimore Pride parade.

Supporting Student Success

Johns Hopkins University's FLI Network helps cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion among first-generation and limited-income students.

Progress Report: Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion

Annual report details progress on university's diversity and inclusion efforts.

Diversity in STEM

Johns Hopkins collaborates with Morgan State and Coppin State to cultivate a diverse group of highly trained biomedical researchers.

Diversity and inclusivity enrich our entire community and are critical to both educational excellence and to the advancement of knowledge. Discovery, creativity, and innovation flourish in an environment where the broadest range of experiences are shared, where all voices are heard and are valued, and where individuals from different cultures and backgrounds can collaborate freely to understand and solve problems in entirely new ways.

Ed Schlesinger
Benjamin T. Rome Dean
Whiting School of Engineering

JHU Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Johns Hopkins is a community committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence. We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of students, faculty, and staff and by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of their success. This climate for diversity, inclusion, and excellence is critical to attaining the best research, scholarship, teaching, health care, and other strategic goals of the Health System and the University. Taken together these values are recognized and supported fully by the Johns Hopkins Institutions leadership at all levels. Further, we recognize that the responsibility for excellence, diversity, and inclusion lies with all of us at the Institutions: leadership, administration, faculty, staff, and students.


WSE Values

The Whiting School of Engineering is a diverse and inclusive community that values:

  • A scholarly, collaborative, and entrepreneurial environment in which innovation, creativity, risk-taking, and the ethical practice and applications of engineering and technology are paramount.
  • The importance of both of the fundamentals of engineering and the creation and dissemination of transformative knowledge contributing to the betterment of society.
  • Its members’ intellectual agility and their capacity to draw upon their wide range of technical and non-technical skills and abilities to solve societal problems.


2019 ASEE Diversity Recognition Program

2019 Bronze Award for the ASEE Diversity Recognition ProgramThe Whiting School of Engineering has been nationally recognized by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) with a Bonze Level award in the inaugural ASEE Diversity Recognition Program. This program was created to publicly recognize those engineering and engineering technology colleges that make significant, measurable progress in increasing the diversity, inclusion, and degree attainment outcomes of their programs.

This recognition highlights the Whiting School’s commitment to the following outcomes:

  • Establishing  support for groups underrepresented in engineering
  • Quantifiably analyzing and assessing unit composition, policies, culture, and climate related to all groups underrepresented in engineering
  • Implementing programs and initiatives that strengthen the K-12 or community college pipeline thereby reducing significant barriers related to long-term growth
  • Developing an action plan focused on continuous improvement


Departmental Diversity Champions

The primary role of the diversity champion is to help facilitate culture transformation around issues of equity and inclusion. As critical thought leaders, diversity champions work with their chair to advance departmental diversity and inclusion goals.

Click here to learn more about the role of departmental diversity champions and see a list of diversity champions by department.




Roadmap on Diversity & Inclusion

The JHU Roadmap on Diversity and Inclusion was drafted in early 2016 to capture the university’s priorities and ambitions, and to state in explicit and concrete terms its institutional commitments in this area. The document was revised with input from the university community in forums, meetings, emails, and conversations, and approved by the university board of trustees in October 2016.


Affinity Groups and Committees

Across the University, Johns Hopkins students, postdocs, and trainees have founded a vast range of affinity groups and committees concerned with diversity, to bring individuals with similar backgrounds, cultures, interests and ambitions together in community or common purpose. These groups have helped the divisions – and our institution – foster diversity, whether through advocacy, programming or other endeavors.

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