We are pleased to offer free ESL consultations to JHU undergraduates, WSE graduate students, and JHU graduate students taking any course or module within the Center for Leadership Education. Students may register for ESL consultations once per week. Consultations will take place over Zoom.

Click the button below to register to use the online ESL consulting scheduler. See below for directions on scheduling an appointment.



If you are a non-native speaker of English and need help with any of the following topics, we encourage you to set-up an appointment:

  • Grammar
  • Speaking skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Pronunciation
  • Idiomatic phrases

Commitment Required

ESL consultants and students agree to a set schedule and a plan of action designed by both parties:

  • A commitment to the 45 minutes each session will require;
  • An agreement to allow the ESL consultant to inform and update CLE instructors of student work and progress;
  • An agreement to bring any paper with instructor remarks;
  • An agreement to revise papers with instructor’s feedback before ESL consultation;
  • A commitment to cancel sessions that cannot be made as soon as possible (“ASAP”) if a situation occurs and a cancellation and a re-scheduling is needed.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment please follow these steps:

  1. One Time Registration:
    1. You must first complete an “intake form”. The intake form can be found at this link. After completing the form the web page will simply tell you the form is closed.
    2. Within 5 minutes you should get an automatic email at your JHU account (ends with @jhu.edu or @jhmi.edu) with more details and a link to the scheduling system.
  2. Schedule your session:
    1. The automatic email referenced above links you to the system you can use to schedule 45 min. appointments with ESL Consultants. Save this email and/or bookmark the link to the scheduling system. You do not need to fill out an intake form every time you want to schedule a tutoring session.

For other ESL consulting inquiries, please contact: [email protected].

Other ESL Resources

CLE also offers a semester-long course in Professional Communication for ESL students (661.111 for undergraduates and 661.611 for graduate students). This 3-credit course teaches ESL students to communicate effectively with a wide variety of specialized and non-specialized audiences and will provide ESL-specific help with grammar, pronunciation, and idiomatic expression in these different contexts.