Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, and Future-Focused

As a Hopkins Engineer, you’ll be immersed in a community of like-minded people who share your passion for knowledge, your desire to be challenged, and your belief that you can—and will—make a difference.

You will be encouraged to explore subjects outside your major and take advantage of the expertise and resources of the entire university—sharing classes with students in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Peabody Institute, conducting research at JHU’s schools of medicine and public health, and making lasting connections that span across the region and around the world.

If you’re interested in translating your ideas into business ventures, the Center for Leadership Education offers minors in areas such as entrepreneurship and management and professional communications, and hands-on academic programs that incorporate industry partnerships in the curriculum. Plus, take advantage of the combined bachelor’s/master’s programs that offer an accelerated and cost-effective path to professional success.

Become a Hopkins Engineer.

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The Undergraduate Experience

WSE Undergraduate Advising

WSE Undergraduate Advising is here to help guide students through academic challenges and choices.

Engineering Student Groups

Connect to the Hopkins community and develop your leadership skills by joining engineering student groups. At Johns Hopkins University, about 80 percent of students are involved in one or more of our 350+ student organizations.

Opportunities Abroad

Contrary to popular belief, engineering students can study abroad—it just requires a little planning! You can study abroad in your sophomore year, junior year, the first semester of senior year, or during the summer.

Student Initiatives Fund

The Student Initiatives Fund—established, funded, and managed by Hopkins Engineering alumni and friends of the Whiting School—is designed to reward ingenuity and increase opportunities for students to expand their creative horizons.

Explore Undergraduate Programs

Immerse yourself in the innovative application of engineering concepts, applying engineering knowledge, and working across disciplines to solve society’s greatest challenges.