Have a marketable idea?
JHU supports student entrepreneurs.

JHU Engineering students are encouraged to dream big. And with the support of peers, faculty, mentors, alumni, and student-focused centers for idea and career development, students can see those dreams become reality.

By the Numbers

  • 100+startups launched

    by JHU students every year

  • 1/2The Pava Center’s venture teams

    come from the Whiting School of Engineering

  • A graphic design of one hand holding money and one hand with a yellow bulb

    $365k+in direct funds

    for JHU student entrepreneurs

  • 150alumni mentors

Timeline to entrepreneurship:

1) Student develops idea for a startup
2) Student contacts the Pava Center for mentorship and funding opportunities
3) Student attends pitch events with alumni
4) Student competes and gets awarded with accelerator funding for their tech venture startup

Student entrepreneurship and innovation continues to grow exponentially at Johns Hopkins, thanks to our invested faculty and staff leaders across campus, and we look forward to our brilliant student ventures continuing to attract the attention they deserve.

Josh Ambrose, director of student ventures