Summer 2018: JHU Engineering

In the latest issue of JHU Engineering, we look at the efforts of Johns Hopkins researchers to monitor social media for public health, to problem solve to improve patient care, and to unravel the complexities of the way humans perceive sound.

JHU Engineering

Modern Day Miners

There’s treasure in all those tweets and Google searches we send out into cyberspace each day, says Mark Dredze. He is leading high-tech tracking efforts that could yield important insights on everything from drug overdoses to suicide prevention.

(Image: Will Kirk / Homewood Photography)

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All Ears

Why the echolocating brown bat is an ideal model for deciphering the complexities of the way humans perceive sound.

(Illustration: Hylton Warburton)

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Medicine's Problem-Solvers

Through their work in hospitals and labs, Johns Hopkins engineering undergrads come up with real-world solutions that are critical to improving patient care.

(Image: Keith Weller)

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