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Designing Solutions

More than 600 Whiting School of Engineering students participated in this year’s Design Day, the school’s annual celebration of innovation…

Shoring Up Wind Energy

Researchers from Johns Hopkins’ Ralph O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute (ROSEI) and Morgan State University are teaming up with the State…

Awards and Honors

Johns Hopkins University’s faculty achievements shine with Muyinatu “Bisi” Bell winning the 2024 Alan T. Waterman Award for her groundbreaking work in biomedical imaging and more.

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Tech Tools

‘Turning the Tide Against Superbugs’ Calling all superbug slayers! Meet RoboDrop, the miniature terminator dishing out droplet combos to decimate…

Clearer Predictions for River Flood Damage

Gonzalo Pita, an expert on natural disaster risk modeling, has developed a reliable and affordable way for governments to estimate expected damage from river floods.

Pitch-Perfect Vocals

Diff-Pitcher seamlessly corrects out-of-tune singing while maintaining the original vocal timbre and naturalness.

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Algorithms for a Fairer World

Machine learning technologies hold the potential to revolutionize decision-making. But how can we ensure AI systems are free of bias? Our experts weigh in.

In AI We Trust?

We increasingly rely on AI models in our daily lives—from traffic navigation and shopping apps to AI-informed care decisions made by our doctors. Given their ubiquity and influence, how and why should we trust these decisions? Can we be certain the models’ predictions are free of biases or errors?

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Advocating for Students With Disabilities

Undergraduate Ikshu Pandey strives to assist other students with disabilities and neurodegenerative conditions in both her academic work and through her extracurricular activities.

No Ordinary Suture

PhD students Justin Opferman and Yaning Wang developed the Glow and Sew fluorescent suture to help improve surgical outcomes.

Trauma Response

Doctoral student Lidia Al-Zogbi created an autonomous system that can alert doctors to a hemorrhage via ultrasound and initiate diagnostics.

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Overcoming ‘Ethical Debt’

Cathy Petrozzino ’80 sees the integrity and reliability of data used in AI as a defining limitation, describing the challenge as a form of “ethical debt.”

A Better Measure for Infants

Fereshteh Aalamifar, Phd ’16, developed SoftSpot, an FDA-cleared mobile app for infant cranial measurements.

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Good Vibrations

A pioneer in the field of organic electronics and photonics, Howard Katz occasionally turns to his trusty cello to provide his engineering students with an object lesson in wave vibration.

From The Dean

From the Dean: Spring 2024

Overall survey results suggest that the members of our community feel satisfied and supported by the school.

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