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Toward Better Detection of Breast Cancer

For groundbreaking research in imaging technologies to improve breast cancer detection, Muyinatu Bell, the John C. Malone Associate Professor in…


It was an invention that made news around the country, capturing the imagination of burrito lovers eternally tired of messy…

Faculty Awards: Winter 2023

Awards and Honors Three Whiting School assistant professors received Young Faculty Awards from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The…

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How Cancer Cells Organize

“By measuring what genes are being expressed in what cells while maintaining the spatial organization of the cells in tissues,…

Prime Posture for Pill Taking

When you have a headache and reach for a pain reliever, you’re probably not thinking about your body position when…

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Sense of Identity

When first-year students come to Homewood, they step into a world of boundless possibility, but they also leave behind their family and community, their cultural customs, and treasured traditions. In the stories that follow, six Whiting School students share how they were able to maintain, define, and redefine their sense of identity at Johns Hopkins.

Putting Genetics on the Map

Crucial partners for ambitious
geneticists the world over,
computer scientist Michael
Schatz and his lab most recently
contributed to the first truly
complete human genome.

Data Democratizer

Seemingly overnight, Lauren Gardner went from an unassuming engineer to a global voice championing the value of data science in public health.

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Cultivating Food Security

An interest in the intersection of community work and food systems led Marisa Thomas, a senior in environmental health and engineering,…

#Steminist in Space

Growing up, Katya Echazarreta MS ’22 was fascinated by space, an interest inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, which was her…

Lending a Hand to Future Astronauts

Astronauts on future NASA missions will explore complex terrains on the moon and Mars wearing next-generation spacesuits designed to provide…

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Drive-Through Intelligence

When Atif Kureishy MS ’04 was a kid in the 1980s, enjoying a fast-food lunch was simple. His parents would…

Innovating for Beauty

The Black hair industry is flourishing, and wigs and hair extensions, which are fueling what The New York Times called…

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Harsh Encounters

As an ultramarathoner and avid hiker in some of the planet’s most harsh environments, Scot Miller, has encountered a lot of…

From The Dean

From the Dean: Winter 2023

Through this issue’s three feature stories, I believe one can see how resilient we are, even in the most challenging times.

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