Spring 2022

Lunar Landings

Don’t let the term “moon dust” fool you.Jagged and sharp as broken glass, the debris churned up when a spacecraft descends can damage vital equipment. A student team is working to characterize those “plume surface” interactions to aid NASA’s quest in pushing the boundaries of space ecploration.

Spring 2022

Object Lessons

When it comes to everyday objects, engineers often have an uncommon fascination with the way things are designed and the reasons behind their utility. To get a glimpse into this unique way of thinking, we polled a variety of Johns Hopkins engineers and asked them to share their insights on a favorite object of their choosing. Their answers may surprise you.

Spring 2022

Thwarting Cyberattacks

Threats to cybersecurity loom large in today’s world, putting us all at risk of being exploited by bad actors. Whiting School experts are focused on spotting cyber vulnerabilities and defending against them–a never-ending task, where the villains’ tactics are evolving just as rapidly as the technology they exploit.

Winter 2022

Tissue Engineering: The Future is Here

Through advances in biomaterials, stem cell science, and more, researchers are moving tantalizingly close to regenerating damaged body parts, creating new organs, and equipping our existing tissues to fight off debilitating diseases.

Winter 2022

Re-imagining Renewable Energy

Johns Hopkins researchers are on a mission to create and implement scalable, renewable energy technologies. There’s no time to waste.

Summer 2021

Getting the Drop on Better Health

Through his many advances in microfluidics, Jeff Wang is making it quicker, easier, and cheaper for clinicians to identify infectious pathogens and diagnose diseases earlier.

Summer 2021

Barrier Breakers

Like hundreds of students at Johns Hopkins who contend with disabilities, Isaac Diaz refuses to be defined by his challenges. Find out what steps the university is taking to help him and others flourish.

Summer 2021

Back(s) to Life

Those with spinal cord injuries are often plagued by pain and paralysis. An ultra-high-tech spinal implant being developed by Johns Hopkins engineers could dramatically improve that bleak reality—and transform clinical medicine.

Winter 2021

‘A Real Adventure’

Flexibility and fortitude are the name of the game as faculty and students adjust to learning in the age of COVID-19.