Winter 2014

A Century of Innovation

Fueling Maryland’s Growth By the early 1900s, Baltimore was thriving—with great rail connections, unmatched port facilities, and a growing workforce….

Summer 2013

Redefining What is Possible

On May 4, 2013, the university launched Rising to the Challenge, a seven-year fundraising effort to further empower the people of Johns Hopkins.

Summer 2013

She’s Got the Beat

The heart is much more than the sum of its parts. By capturing that complexity, Natalia Trayanova and her lab aim to deliver clinical innovations to transform cardiac care.

Summer 2013

In a New Light

By harnessing the power of optics and photonics, Whiting School researchers are pioneering techniques that could advance cancer diagnosis, hydrogen fuel production—and a whole lot more.

Winter 2013

On the Move

By cultivating cancer cells in a 3D environment, Denis Wirtz and colleagues are finding new clues to metastasis—and better strategies for preventing cancer’s deadly spread.

Winter 2013

Digital Defense

Using an array of sophisticated new analytical tools, Whiting School engineers are pushing to build better blast walls, buildings, and body armor.

Winter 2013

Wall of Discovery

A new, high-tech video display in the Brody Learning Commons could change the way students learn, teachers teach, and researchers work.

Summer 2012

Bio Bots

From cockroaches to fruit flies, from moths to DNA strands, next-gen robots are finding inspiration in living things to navigate faster, maneuver better, and self-replicate with dizzying speed.

Summer 2012

The New Language of Anatomy

At the vanguard of imaging science, Michael I. Miller is working in new dimensions that hold tantalizing promise for the early detection and treatment of disease.