Summer 2015

A Table of Contents for the Universe

Thanks to some “elegant” math, Tamás Budavári and his team have created a user-friendly catalog of images from the Hubble…

Summer 2015

In Her Nature

As an engineer and an environmentalist, Erica Schoenberger is committed to finding ways to improve our unhealthy relationship with Mother Earth. Her new book lays out causes of our troubles and offers some fairly radical fixes.

Winter 2015

Adventure Under Ice

Louis Whitcomb makes it possible for remote controlled underwater robotic vehicles to explore the most extreme environments on earth—including the…

Winter 2015

What in the World?

An innovative master’s program takes student engineers from Johns Hopkins Hospital to remote regions of the globe to find simple…

Winter 2015

Getting Pumped

For Joe Katz, heading up the ambitious 10-year effort to build the Hopkins Heart, a permanent replacement heart, is just…

Summer 2014

The Guru of Cyber-Cryptography

Matt Green aims to fundamentally change the way we interact with the electronic world—to ensure complete privacy “so that nobody…

Summer 2014

Conquering Concussion

With their “digital head” a team of mechanical engineers is perfecting a computer model that could have profound implications—from the…

Summer 2014

Hold ’em or Fold ’em?

The man “passionately obsessive” about poker shares his tips for going home with the winnings. Avi Rubin is no stranger…

Winter 2014

Surgical Precision

Hailed as the “father of medical robotics,”Russ Taylor marries man and machine to push the boundaries of medicine. With a…