Winter 2013

Wall of Discovery

A new, high-tech video display in the Brody Learning Commons could change the way students learn, teachers teach, and researchers work.

Summer 2012

Bio Bots

From cockroaches to fruit flies, from moths to DNA strands, next-gen robots are finding inspiration in living things to navigate faster, maneuver better, and self-replicate with dizzying speed.

Summer 2012

The New Language of Anatomy

At the vanguard of imaging science, Michael I. Miller is working in new dimensions that hold tantalizing promise for the early detection and treatment of disease.

Summer 2012

In the Swim

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, we look to Professor Rajat Mittal to analyze the swimmer’s freestyle stroke, in an attempt to answer once and for all: Which method is fastest?

Fall 2011

Data Driven

As computing ability jumps by leaps and bounds, researchers wrestle with making the best use—and reuse—of all that data.

Fall 2011

Lifesaving Solutions

For biomedical engineering students working in the world’s poorest regions, necessity is the mother of invention.

Fall 2011

Big Blue Baby

When an earthquake strikes, when a hurricane hits, what causes screws to separate from sheets of drywall? Ben Schafer’s “Big Blue Baby” is providing the answers.

Spring 2011

Engineering in Surprising Places

Engineers are moving into a host of new fields…Meet three Whiting School Faculty at the Forefront

Spring 2011

Finding Their Balance

Whether creating a community garden, repairing medical equipment in Cost Rica, or sweating it out on the football field, WSE students pursue their passions.