Spring 2022

Designing Sustainable Plastics

Recycling plastic products is a challenge. Not only are a limited number of types of plastic recyclable, but because the…

Spring 2022

Finding the Story in the Emails

Office-based employees scrambled to adapt to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Anecdotally, they were successful. But just how did…

Spring 2022

Poor Air Quality in Fairbanks

In Fairbanks, Alaska, air pollution levels are unusually high where air quality levels are driven by bitter temperatures and pollutants….

Spring 2022

3 Questions: Michael Falk

On the job, physicists who identify as LGBTQ+ experience—and also witness —behaviors ranging from shunning and homophobia to harassment at…

Spring 2022

Trending: Summer 2022

“The first thing we’re thinking of is testing at airports and stadiums.” 4/13/22, Fast Company Ishan Barman, Mechanical Engineering, on…

Winter 2022

Empowering Girls to Navigate Adolescence

Johns Hopkins researchers are working closely with tribal leaders, adolescent girls, and their parents, as well as with teachers and health care workers, to put helpful resources directly into the hands of Native American girls.