Winter 2020

‘Black-Starting’ the Power Grid

In the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters, a loss of electricity not only disrupts transportation and shutters medical facilities, it also hampers the work of relief personnel.

Winter 2020

Canine Comfort

One way to make pediatric patients feel more at home in a hospital environment is to give them a furry, four-legged friend—or a robotic equivalent.

Winter 2020

Regenerative Graft Could Reduce Heart Surgeries

Coronary artery disease and congenital cardiovascular defects often require multiple surgeries that pose a variety of serious risks to the patient. A development from Hopkins engineers could potentially minimize those surgical risks.

Winter 2020

Tech Tools: Talk About a Big Bang!

What happens to a tank at the micro level when it’s hit by a projectile during combat? Or to the surface of an asteroid as it collides with a planet in space?

Winter 2020

Catalyst for Green Energy

A new method of increasing the reactivity of ultrathin nanosheets could someday make fuel cells for hydrogen cars cheaper.

Winter 2020


Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins engineers.

Spring 2019

Curbing Methane Emissions in China

Despite new regulations, methane levels increased each year from 2010 to 2015, Johns Hopkins researchers find.