My Other Life

Winter 2024

A Forum for Fruit

Scott Smith is more than familiar with debugging—whether it’s in lines of computer code or amid the rows of his orchard.

Spring 2023

What a Racket

Anne Albinak, director of research administration operations at the Whiting School, is in a band called The Racket.

Winter 2023

Harsh Encounters

As an ultramarathoner and avid hiker in some of the planet’s most harsh environments, Scot Miller, has encountered a lot of…

Spring 2022

‘Attuned to the Clay’

Tamer Zaki is an expert on turbulence and how fluids twist and whirl—when waves break on the ocean surface or…

Winter 2022

Feeling Strong

As a professional communicator, Amy Weldon understands the proverbial power of the pen. But Weldon is equally conversant with a different kind of power — one that comes from putting her body to the test lifting weights as heavy as 415 pounds.

Summer 2021

When Life Gives You Lemons

Alex Bishop, an associate staff engineer in the Whiting School’s Energetics Research Group, is part of a team that competes in 24 Hours of Lemons, a road race held twice a year at the High Plains Raceway outside of Denver.

Winter 2021

Aerial Artistry

Most people scared of heights simply avoid them. Not Sathappan Ramesh.

Summer 2020

The World’s a Stage

Not many actors can say that they shared a stage with Sacha Baron Cohen. Jason Eisner, a professor of computer science, can.