Our team strives to create a comprehensive experience for matching the school’s research and training capabilities with industry needs. Through our engagement, we aim to identify and foster long-term corporate partnerships with WSE.

A Venn diagram with three overlapping circles labeled 'Upskill,' 'Collaborate,' and 'Commercialize.' The 'Upskill' circle includes 'Experiential Learning' with bullet points: 'Non-Degree/Non-Credit Workshops,' 'Certificate & CEU Short Courses,' 'Cohort & Individual Degree Programs (Masters, PhD, & DEng).' The 'Collaborate' circle includes 'Research Collaborations' with bullet points: 'Symposium & Workshop Engagement,' 'Capstone & Senior Design Projects,' 'Sponsored Research Agreements,' 'Public-Private Partnerships,' 'Consortia & Philanthropy.' The 'Commercialize' circle includes 'Technology Commercialization' with bullet points: 'Faculty-Driven Startups,' 'Student-Driven Startups,' 'Technology Licensing.' The areas where the circles overlap are shaded to indicate the intersections of these themes.

Our office works closely with JHTV to help WSE faculty, staff, and students achieve their corporate engagement goals.

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Explore pathways to partner with Johns Hopkins Engineering in the core areas of experiential learning, research, and translation.

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Find out how our office can help support your corporate engagement goals in experiential learning, research, and translation.

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  • Biomedical engineering program (U.S. News & World Report)


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