Let’s Grow. Together.


Upskill Your Workforce

  • 1) Enroll in Seminars and Workshops

    Advance your professional career and remain competitive through customized, noncredit courses, workshops, and seminars. Connect with our office to learn how to enroll in flexible education options that develop your professional skills.

  • 2) Enroll in Credited Courses

    With more than 750 courses and 400 expert faculty, the school provides professionals and employees multiple credited courses to earn a master’s degree. Our office will help you find online and hybrid programs that work with your schedule and professional goals.

  • 3) Apply to the Doctor of Engineering Program

    Our office will help you explore the school’s Doctor of Engineering program, a doctoral-level graduate degree program designed for working engineers and scientist. Students can customize their program to meet their professional goals and responsibilities.

Collaborate with Us in Research

  • 1) Participate in Seminars and Symposiums

    WSE regularly holds seminars and symposiums that attract multidisciplinary audiences to discuss ground-breaking research. Contact our office to participate as an industry attendee or speaker, and to learn how to sponsor these events.

  • 2) Sponsor Student Activity

    Corporate partnerships are important to growing the future pipeline of engineering leaders. Our office will help you develop the education and careers of students through capstone projects, PhD fellowships, competitions, internships, and cooperative education (co-op).

  • 3) Sponsor Research

    Integrate your research and development with world-renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, centers, and institutes. We will help facilitate the identification of sponsored research opportunities and other mechanisms to innovate your industry and solve your biggest challenges.

Commercialize Emerging Technologies

  • The Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot, or "STAR," performs surgery.

    1) License Technology

    The school’s inventions have the potential to significantly impact society. Our office will connect you to services provided by Johns Hopkins Tech Ventures, including a deep and broad repository of innovative technology, available for commercial licensing.

  • The outer facade of the FastForward U building, painted with the green logo.

    2) Support Our Innovation Ecosystem

    FastForward represents a coordinated suite of resources designed to assist startups and the local innovation economy in Baltimore. Contact us to learn how to gain access into the FastForward ecosystem through industry sponsorship.

  • 3) Invest in a Startup

    Faculty and students have launched an extensive portfolio of high-tech, disruptive startups across different technical disciplines. Our office will facilitate the process of investing in our startup portfolio.