For Students

Research Internships in Science and Engineering at APL (RISE@APL) is a summer internship program for full-time Johns Hopkins University students majoring in engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, or physics who seek to strengthen their preparation for a technical career. This highly competitive summer internship program focuses on professional development.

RISE@APL is offered to well-qualified, highly motivated undergraduates and graduate students who have an interest in engineering and applied scientific research and are attending JHU. Participants in the program will have the opportunity to work at APL for 8 to 12 weeks, where they will be partnered with a staff mentor experienced in their field of study.

Learn more about RISE@APL.

Graduate students with research interests in science and engineering that relate to those of investigators at theJHU Applied Physics Laboratory can apply for resident master’s and predoctoral fellowships at APL through our Graduate Fellows Program.

Residential Johns Hopkins graduate students in science and engineering are eligible to apply.

In conjunction with a JHU advisor, APL Sabbatical Professors/Fellows can recommend up to seven participants for the program and APL selects and funds the awardees. A JHU faculty advisor monitors the awardee’s progress and can recommend their continuance annually. The program continues until degree completion, pending an advisers’ recommendations.

Contact Dennis Ryan for details.

The Graduate Assistantships Program is designed for WSE graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees and is supported and sponsored by APL.

Only WSE doctoral students who are U.S. citizens are eligible to participate. The program requires an APL co-advisor who oversees work done at APL, and research conducted must be relevant to APL research and technological goals. Students can be supported within the program for up to five years.

Consult the Research Assistantship page for more information.

For JHU Faculty and APL Staff Members

The Sabbatical Fellow and Professorship Program supports the collaborative efforts of faculty and students working on projects of importance both to JHU and APL by providing release time (covered by a central laboratory budget) for APL staff members who hold, or are pursuing, joint appointments in other JHU divisions to work with faculty and students on joint efforts.

Examples of such projects include:

  • Collaborative research and development with faculty and graduate students.
  • Teaching an approved course in the affiliated department at JHU.
  • Overseeing, guiding, or supervising graduate student research projects.
  • Participating in activities that support joint APL and JHU objectives, such as funded program development, course development, and the establishment of centers of excellence at APL or other JHU campuses.

All APL staff members are eligible for this program. Applicants must submit a detailed plan describing how they will use their sabbatical time for a period of one year.

Contact Dave Blodgett for more information and application requirements.

The Summer Faculty Research program allows JHU faculty members to spend up to three summer months working full-time onsite at APL on APL-sponsored research.

The WSE Dean’s Office collaborates with APL to recruit highly qualified JHU faculty for the program. A nomination is required from APL senior leadership through its assistant director for science and technology and from the vice dean for faculty at WSE. Each selected participant will need to complete a Participation Agreement. Participants must be U.S. citizens.

Contact Stacy Murphy for more information.

It was just so amazing; I was astounded by the level of responsibility that they gave me in the first few weeks, especially considering I was an undergraduate and was working with this very expensive prosthetic arm. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I got this opportunity.

Lydia Carroll taking to a man with an information board behind her. Lydia Carroll Biomedical Engineering