The Leadership Studies minor offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Peabody students a broad array of courses to assist in positioning themselves as leaders among their peers in entrepreneurial ventures in private industry, government, and academia. The minor offers a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on organizational and contextual aspects of leadership and personal development.

Some students simply take a course or two. Many choose to fulfill the eight-course Leadership Studies minor, pairing it with their engineering, liberal arts, or public health major. The minor’s four core courses provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Students can then select any three upper-level courses to complete the minor or elect to focus further in the area of Social Enterprise.

Q: What are the requirements for the Leadership Studies minor?

A: To complete the minor, students must take four core courses: Foundations of American Enterprise, Financial Accounting, Leadership Theory, and Professional Writing and Communication OR Oral Presentations. Additionally, students must complete three upper-level electives and the Leadership Studies Capstone course. Students can choose an optional focus area in which to complete their upper-level electives.

Q: Who can take Leadership Studies courses?

A: Leadership Studies courses are open to all Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Peabody students.

Q: Do I have to declare the Leadership Studies minor in order to take Leadership Studies courses?

A: No. Students may choose to take only a course or two. They do not have to declare the minor.

Q: Do I have to select a focus area?

A: No. The focus areas are optional. Students may choose any three upper level electives listed as options for the Leadership Studies minor, or they may elect to follow a focus area. Additional focus areas are currently in development as options for the minor.

Q: I’ve already declared the Entrepreneurship & Management minor, but I am also interested in the Leadership Studies minor. Can I double minor?

A: Our common core allows for students to more easily minor in more than one CLE minor. Students may also double-count electives as long as they are listed as acceptable electives for each minor.

To complete the minor, students must follow the minor requirements in place during their year of matriculation. Please see the correct year’s academic catalog for an accurate list of requirements you must follow.

New electives for the Leadership Studies minor: EN.660.310 Case Studies in Workplace Ethics, EN.660.361 Engineering Management and Leadership, and EN.661.128 Improvisational Techniques for Communication. Please reach out to your minor advisor in order to count these electives toward your minor program.

Fall 2023 – Spring 2024

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

Please note the following:

  • Study abroad credits must be pre-approved by the program director. Email your adviser to request a review and include all relevant syllabi. Once approved, arrange a time with your adviser to complete the pre-approval form provided by the Office of Study Abroad.
  • Only one course may be taken on an S/U basis
  • A C- or higher is the grade requirement for all Leadership Studies courses.
  • If you are seeking an exception to a minor requirement, please complete an substitution/exception waiver.

1. Please complete a minor declaration form online by logging into your Student Information System (SIS) account, clicking the “Registration” tab, selecting “Online Forms,” and then “Declare a new major/minor.”

2. Upon submission of the form, students can schedule a meeting with the minor advisor, Corale Roten, to discuss their course plan and the minor requirements: