Minor Programs

CLE minor programs invite students to discover the “great problems,” encourage them to innovate to discover groundbreaking solutions, and inspire them to lead ethically and to think critically and creatively.

Whether Hopkins students wish to start their own ventures, manage projects and lead teams, design and manage a marketing campaign, or begin a career in finance, they will find at CLE programs to assist them in the transition from the academic to the professional world.

Open to all students on the Homewood campus (WSE and KSAS), as well as students from the Peabody Institute and the School of Public Health, CLE programs make students dynamic candidates on the job market and assist them in starting their own ventures, entering graduate school, or advancing more quickly into positions of leadership in the public or private sectors.

CLE minor programs begin with a common core: Fundamentals of American Enterprise, Financial Accounting, and a communications course, either Professional Writing and Communication or Oral Presentations. From there, students can shape their curriculum around their interests and goals by selecting from a range of elective options.

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