Paired with any major, CLE minor programs can make you a dynamic candidate on the job market and assist you in starting your own venture, entering graduate school, or advancing into a leadership position. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with hands-on experience working on real-world projects, like managing a marketing campaign, forecasting financial statements and assessing firm profitability, commercializing your new technology, or pursuing a leadership position with an external organization.

CLE Minor Common Core

All of our minor programs share a common core that provide you with a solid foundation in enterprise. This common core also allows you to more easily double-minor in two CLE programs. Our core courses include:

  • EN.660.105 Foundations of American Enterprise
  • EN.660.203 Financial Accounting
  • EN.661.110 Professional Writing and Communication OR EN.661.250 Oral Presentations

After completing this series of foundational courses, you can shape your curriculum around your interests and goals by selecting from a range of elective options.

CLE Minor Programs

  • Accounting and Financial Management Minor

    The A&FM minor is a quantitative program that prepares students for careers in small companies, major corporations, and consultancies, or graduate programs in accountancy. Learn More

  • Entrepreneurship and Management Minor

    With the E&M minor, students innovate to solve real-world problems and learn how to commercialize those innovations with hands-on projects. Learn More

  • Leadership Studies Minor

    The Leadership Studies minor focuses on the organizational and contextual aspects of leadership and personal development and helps to position students as leaders in a variety of fields. Learn More

  • Marketing and Communications Minor

    The M&C minor guides students through the process of managing marketing campaigns, as well as the fundamentals of advertising, public relations, and social media. Learn More

The CLE is one of Hopkins’ hidden gems. A treasure trove of dynamic classes and enthusiastic professors, CLE has provided me with a strong foundation of skills that I can take advantage of no matter what field I choose to go into. The courses complement the work I do at my current job (JHU Press), while also giving me an opportunity to learn job-specific skills and gain a competitive advantage on the job market.

Teja Dupree