Testimonials: Managing People & Resolving Conflicts

Here are what Graduate students, PhD students, new faculty & Post-Doc’s are saying about taking Managing People and Resolving Conflicts:

 “Real world applications.”

“I loved learning negotiation tactics and the terminology used for job interviews.

“Knowledge on real problems that we face in corporate life.”

“This is a fantastic class where you will gain knowledge and skills that are directly applicable in the real world. I very highly recommend this course to anyone considering taking it.”

“This class covers a very broad range of topics that all intersect with each other and our daily lives both in and outside of the workplace. The professor is very knowledgeable and engaging with many stories that uniquely illustrate his point.”

“Improve my communication skills.

“This class is extremely relevant and insightful in its approaches to dealing with everyday social and workplace problems.”

“Any graduate or post grad should take this course.”

 “Manageable workload, interesting and relevant topics, the professor is fantastic and dedicated to helping his students succeed.”

“Eric Rice is amazing and gives great feedback on things that you do not always think about.”

Story-telling teaching style of Dr. Rice. The class introspectively decomposes the modern workplace and analyzes its most important elements.”

The lessons learned from this course will serve me well for life. Dr. Rice teaches practical and actionable concepts, techniques and tools that will immediately benefit future employees and managers in the art of conflict management.”

“Prof. Rice has extensive knowledge of the industry and transfers his experience into teaching. Theories are complemented with real-life examples.”

“Eric Rice is a great professor! He provided a two-pronged approach to teaching: first, he would present the statistics; then, he would present real world experiences that corresponded (or not) with the data. Professor Rice is quite an effective lecturer, and I really learned a lot about conflict management from his class!”

“Everyone should take this class.”

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