Testimonials: Project Management

Here’s what graduate students, PhD students, new faculty and Post-Docs are saying about taking Project Management:


Real world explanations from business world of the professor.”

“Professor is very interactive and engaging with students during the class, which made learning new concepts fun and effective.”

“Awesome and engaging professor who cares about his students.”

“It’s a good class to get an overview of project management process. The professor is great and has a lot of experience in managing people. He is willing to share his wisdom with everyone and give practical advice.

“Great overview of project management, plenty of group discussions, application to a ‘real life’ project, class once per week makes it easier for graduate students to attend, lecture notes and handouts are good resources.”

“Really enjoyed learning about the different aspects of project management and applying them to our term project. It was helpful having the project to think about how we would individually apply the concepts we learned about rather than just being told different things to do.”

“The handouts on project management that give the high-yield, need-to-know aspects of project management without needing to drudge through a textbook. Also really, really impressed and grateful for how our professor is very understanding of the craziness of grad student life. I wish more instructors were like him!”

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