The Professional Development Program, housed in the Whiting School Center for Leadership Education (CLE), is geared towards Johns Hopkins full-time graduate students and post doctoral fellows who would like further knowledge and instruction in business, management, and entrepreneurial topics, as well as topics related to classroom teaching and lab set-up.

The Commission on Pathways Through Graduate School noted in their final report that more than one-half of all doctoral degree holders in science, engineering or health fields work outside the academy. And while employers believe these graduates bring value, recent graduates lack skills and knowledge in areas like working on teams, entrepreneurship, communication, and project management. The Professional Development Program is designed to address these needs

Our full-time faculty are seasoned professionals in their disciplines as well as experienced teachers and mentors, and they are complemented by part-time faculty who are active practitioners in their fields. Whether students want to start a business, find an internship or hash through career decisions, they will find an open door and a resourceful sounding board in CLE faculty.

The PDP Program offers a multitude of courses each semester that address the needs the professional audience.

Note: Some classes begin in the middle of the semester. Also, please note that postdocs are allowed to audit. Homewood postdocs who audit will not be charged; docs and postdocs from other campuses must adhere to the rules of those campuses.

A complete list of courses can be found here: Modules.

For current offerings, please visit SIS.


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