Marketing & Communications Minor


The Marketing & Communications (M&C) program offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering and Peabody students a broad array of courses designed to equip them to lead in the marketing and communications fields, and complements major courses of study in departments across campus. Students who opt to declare the minor will choose between two tracks: the Marketing Management track and the Integrated Marketing Communications track. Courses are also open to students who choose not to declare the minor.

The Marketing Management track is geared towards students who wish to pursue a career in product or marketing management at a large-scale enterprise. This track emphasizes learning how to manage both the message and the financial impact of marketing campaigns, as well as how to manage a product line from development to launch.

The Integrated Marketing Communications track is designed for students who want to be more involved in the creative side of the marketing field, including areas such as advertising, public relations and social media. This track emphasizes forming marketing messages, and the production of creative content and deliverables for a variety of different industries.

To complete the minor, students must take:

  • Three core courses:
    • Introduction to Business
    • Financial Accounting
    • Professional Writing and Communication
  • One or two foundational courses, depending on the track selected including Principles of Marketing
  • And four upper-level electives

Please note: Students must take at least three unique upper-level electives* for each minor they undertake within the CLE.

*as defined by the CLE

  • The requirements for the M&C minor are outlined in the M&C Minor Requirements.
  • It is recommended that all students interested in the minor make an appointment to speak with the CLE academic program coordinator to receive guidance about the program.

    1. Please complete and submit the M&C Minor Course Checklist.

    2. Once you submit your checklist, stop by the CLE for a signed “Addition/Change of Minor” slip. Engineering students and Arts & Sciences sophomores and juniors must submit this form to the Office of the Registrar. Arts & Sciences seniors must submit this slip to the Office of Academic Advising.

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