Entrepreneurship & Management Minor


The W.P. Carey Program in Entrepreneurship and Management (E&M) was created through a gift from businessman and philanthropist, the late William Polk Carey, who believed that, “To be successful, students need educational training in leadership, management, finance, and international issues.”

Today, the E&M program offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Peabody students a broad array of courses that emphasize the concepts, practices, and skills necessary for leadership in the public and private sectors.

Some students simply take a course or two. Many choose to fulfill the seven-course E&M minor, pairing it with their engineering, liberal arts, or public health major. The minor’s three core courses–Introduction to Business, Financial Accounting, and Marketing Principles–provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Students can then select any three upper-level courses (plus the required work in statistics) to complete the minor or elect to concentrate further in Accounting and Finance, Business Law, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, or Professional Communication.

  • The requirements for the E&M minor are outlined below:

    Since launching our newest minor, Marketing & Communications, some courses have migrated over. Students who have enrolled prior to Fall 2015 are grandfathered in to our original requirements. Courses that you have taken that are now considered M&C courses will still count towards the E&M minor.

    Current Requirements

    If you have any questions regarding requirements, please email us at cle@jhu.edu

  • It is necessary that all students interested in the minor make an appointment to speak with a CLE Academic Program Coordinator to receive guidance about the program.

    1. Please complete a E&M Minor Inquiry Form here.

    2. Upon submission of the form, email cle@jhu.edu to set up a meeting with the Academic Program Coordinator.

    2. During the meeting, you will receive a signed “Addition/Change of Minor” slip. Engineering students and Arts & Sciences sophomores and juniors must submit this form to the Office of the Registrar. Arts & Sciences seniors must submit this slip to the Office of Academic Advising.




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