On April 14, Women in Business and Smart Women Securities collaborated with MoneyGirls to host a personal finance webinar. MoneyGirls, a fintech startup founded by Judy Zhu, a Harvard Business School alumnus, aims to help women establish independence in making financial decisions. Nearly 60 students attended the webinar with topics ranging from budgeting and investing, to credit and earning money. Additionally, the participants had a chance to ask Judy specific questions in a Q&A, relating to personal finance. Women in Business also held an online “Internship 101 session,” attended by 30 students. In this session, they shared resources and tips and they will be hosting an industry breakout session in the next few weeks. Other virtual efforts include evenings of games and movies!

Here’s what the Women in Business had to say about the event:

“The MoneyGirls talk was so insightful and the organization’s mission is amazing! Judy is so knowledgeable and she captured everyone’s attention with her stories and advice!” – Anya Aggarwal (Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2023)

“Through the MoneyGirls event, I learned a lot about the basics of personal finance, including how to build a spending plan, increase my credit score, and start investing early on. MoneyGirls provided important advice and strategies that I found really useful!” – Daphne Tang (International Studies and Economics, Class of 2023)

“One of the best aspects of the seminar was that it was led by Judy Zhu, who came with a wealth of interesting and inspiring experiences — from being president of her Harvard MBA class, to working for Uber and Amazon, and to finally starting up MoneyGirls. I love that she exuded such great energy and passion for the material. She cultivated a warm and welcoming environment for students to ask candid questions about money. And in our society that’s often considered a taboo subject, especially among women.” – Taylor Chan (International Studies and Economics, Class of 2022).

“MoneyGirls really simplified and broke down those concepts in investing that may be difficult to understand.” – Wendy Huang (Public Health, Class of 2023)

“Speaking with MoneyGirls empowered me to not be afraid of asking the difficult questions when it comes to finance and introduced me to a community of women here to support and learn from each other as we navigate this field!” – Ritika Purbey (Public Health and Psychological & Brain Sciences, Class of 2023)

“The MoneyGirls webinar was really inspiring! I loved Judy Zhu’s enthusiasm for personal finance. She really fostered a welcoming environment for participants to ask difficult questions related to money. I found the tips and advice related to budgeting, saving, investing, and negotiating to be very helpful; these are topics that I don’t often hear discussed among women in group settings.” – Tanya Wongvibulsin (Economics and Anthropology, Class of 2021)