A. James Clark Scholars Program

The A. James Clark Scholars Program at Johns Hopkins University is home to 42 students interested in engineering, innovation, leadership and community service.
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A. James Clark Scholar Curriculum Requirements:

The Johns Hopkins University A. James Clark Scholar Program incorporates a required curriculum that parallels the mission of the foundation and aligns with the students’ interest. Additionally, these courses help fulfill the requirements of the Entrepreneurship and Management minor.

First Year:

     Fall: EN.660.105 (section 09) Foundations of American Enterprise: Clark Scholars Cohort Section
     Spring: EN.660.106 Clark Scholars Leadership Challenge

Sophomore Year:
     Fall: EN.660.270 Clark Scholars Engineering Design I
     Winter: EN.661.312 Intersession opportunity to study abroad in Israel or Denmark
     Spring:  EN.660.380 Clark Scholars Engineering Design II

Junior Year:
     Fall: EN.660.381 Clark Scholar Engineering Design III 
    Spring: EN.660.382
Clark Scholar Engineering Design IV
Senior Year:
     Fall: EN.660.411 Corporate Strategy: Failure & Success
     Career Mixer (CLE Connect) with the Center for Leadership Education


A. James Clark Scholar Extracurricular Engagement:

The A. James Clark Scholars also engage in a variety of activities around the campus and within the local community, including:

Clark Scholars Book Club

President’s Day of Service

STEM Expo with local Elementary and Middle Schools

Trips to nearby museums: Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia

Innovation and Entrepreneurship endeavors

Team building activities

Attend visiting speakers and lecturers

Visit local business Headquarters: Clearwater Mill, UnderArmour

Thanksgiving Potluck

About the A. James Clark Foundation:

The A. James Clark Scholars Program was established through a partnership between the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering to honor the legacy of A. James Clark, a noted engineer, businessman, and philanthropist. Mr. Clark, a construction pioneer who built many of Washington, D.C.’s iconic buildings, never forgot that his business successes began with an engineering scholarship.

The Clark Scholars Program is the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation’s signature academic program, combining engineering, business, leadership and community service. As part of a commitment to building the pipeline of future engineers, the Foundation has partnered with some of the nation’s leading engineering institutions, financially supporting students who exhibit strong academic and leadership potential.

Clark Scholars at Hopkins form a cohort of some of the most talented engineering students in the nation. Working together under the guidance of a faculty mentor, Clark Scholars participate in specialized academic programs and service opportunities designed to develop future leaders and enhance their undergraduate experience.

Throughout the year, Clark Scholars network with professional engineers, learn from experts in their fields during leadership seminars, and contribute to their community through guided service-learning projects. Scholars gain practical engineering experience as part of an innovation team comprised of fellow Clark Scholars, and are challenged to develop solutions to real-world societal needs. The program also provides students resources and assistance finding internships based on their interests and fields of study.

Scholars will meet annually with representatives from the Clark Foundation to discuss their Johns Hopkins experiences, will speak with professional engineers from the Clark Construction Company, and will be invited to an annual lunch with the Dean of the Whiting School of Engineering.

If you qualify for aid, the A. James Clark Scholars Program provides a generous grant, which does not need to be repaid, to replace the student loan component in your financial aid package.

About A. James Clark:

A. James Clark believed in the power of hard work. This conviction enabled him to grow a local construction company into a national success. And it guides the philanthropic giving the Foundation continues in his name today. The A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation’s investments help hard workers with a drive to achieve, investing in grantees who build practical, immediate and concrete connections between effort and opportunity – from scholarship for engineering students to better schools for D.C.’s children, to veteran reintegration programs, and support of the D. C. community.


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