Accounting & Financial Management Minor

The Accounting & Financial Management program offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Peabody students a focused, quantitative minor that will prepare them more effectively for careers in small companies, major corporations, and consultancies as well as acceptance into graduate programs in accountancy and business.

The objective of the Minor in Accounting and Financial Management is to enable students in all disciplines to complement their major fields of study with academic training that will help them prepare for and compete within this expanding marketplace. The minor is not only relevant for students who plan to seek employment but critical for those who plan to attend graduate programs in accounting and business immediately after graduation. The Accounting and Financial Management Minor will help the CLE’s graduates prepare for career opportunities in several fields that have high salaries and are predicted to grow substantially.


  • Q: When can I declare the  minor?

    A: The Accounting & Financial Management Minor may be declared as of Fall 2016.

    Q: What are the requirements for the A&FM Minor?

    A: To complete the Accounting & Financial Management minor, students must complete four core courses and three upper-level courses; one course must be at the 400-level. See reverse.

    Q: Who can take A&FM Courses?

    A: A&FM courses are open to all Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering and Peabody students.

    Q: Do I have to declare the A&FM minor to take A&FM

    A: No. Students may choose to take only a course or two. They do not have to declare the minor.

    Q: I have already declared the E&M (or M&C) minor and I would like to add or switch to the Accounting minor.  How can I do that?

    A: To declare the minor, simply contact cle@jhu.ed. Students who wish to add the A&FM Minor, in addition to another CLE minor, must have a four course differential between minors.

    Q: Do courses double count between minors?

    A: Many courses overlap but to complete two CLE minors, students must have a four course differential between minors.


  • To complete the minor, students must take:

    • Four core courses
    • Three electives, at least one of which needs to be at the 400-level:**

    View full requirements here: Accounting & Financial Management Minor Requirements

  • It is necessary that all students interested in the minor make an appointment to speak with a CLE Academic Program Coordinator to receive guidance about the program.

    1. Please complete an Accounting & Financial Management Minor Inquiry Form here.

    The form should be completed before your scheduled appointment with an Academic Program Coordinator

    Center for Leadership Education
    105 Whitehead Hall

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