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October 27, 2014

DavidWhite“The CLE has given me practical applications for my degree in the Writing Seminars. I have been able to find internship opportunities in public relations, marketing, and advertising because of the important skills that the CLE provided me with. Students in the CLE learn how to market themselves to give them an advantage over their competition in the job search.”

David White, Writing Seminars Major, E & M Minor, 2014 Graduate




JBonsu 2

 “I am one of the Course Assistants for the Hopkins Leadership Challenge, a first year seminar. I went the most of my Hopkins career not knowing anything about the CLE. I slowly gained leadership positions in the Student Government Association and in Alpha Phi, and after some time and trial and error, I learned how to be an effective leader. Participating as a Course Assistant for such a bright group of first years has allowed me to revisit the theories and motives of what has driven me to choose the path I have chosen. I have learned so much this year from my students and Dr. Smedick this year. Leadership courses don’t just teach you how to be a good leader, you can be born with that talent, but it informs you with best practices and offers you rationale on why certain theories work. I am very grateful for my opportunity.”

Janice Bonsu, Neuroscience Major, 2015 Graduate




“The CLE has been the one place on campus where I have received the opportunity to form close relationships with both faculty and students, all while advancing academically. The professors I have met in this office have all treated me as their friends and I know whether I want to go ask for help for class or just to talk about life, I am always welcome. The other students and Course Assistants that I have met through the CLE have become my closest friends and have helped me both obtain good grades and manage my time effectively. I would be lost without the CLE influencing my time here at Hopkins.”

Jahan Mirchandani, International Studies and Political Science Major, 2016 Graduate





“As an aspiring teacher, I didn’t think when I came to Hopkins that I’d find a home in the business-minded CLE. But it’s so much more than that! My niche is in the amazing public speaking program, and the skills I once learned – and now help teach – will be incredibly useful once I begin my career.”

Kevin Cryan, History Major, French Cultural Studies Minor, 2015 Graduate


Kelly Chu2

“I pledged Alpha Kappa Psi, the professional co-ed business fraternity, my freshman fall and was selected as a member of the Salant Investment Team my freshman spring. Both organizations have provided me with first-hand experiences in finance that I would not have received in the classroom. During interviews, employers have consistently been impressed with my ability to speak about the various stock pitches and presentations that I have done over the past two years even though I am only a rising junior. I truly believe that I would not have landed any of my four internships if I had not joined AKPsi and Salant.”

Kelly Chu, Economics Major, E & M Minor, 2016 Graduate





“Learning the intricacies of marketing and management with the CLE has been one of my favorite experiences at Hopkins. I enjoyed my business classes so much that I am pursuing a Masters in Engineering Management starting next semester.”

Matthew DelGrosso, Computer Science and Computer Engineering Majors, 2014 Graduate

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