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The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering offers courses and training culminating in the bachelor of science degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering. This discipline is dedicated to solving problems and generating valuable products involving chemical and biological transformations at the molecular scale.

The undergraduate program emphasizes the molecular science aspects of biology and chemistry along with the engineering concepts essential to developing commercial products and processes. By selecting an appropriate concentration or by choice of free electives, students can prepare for a professional career path or for further study in chemical, biomolecular, or a related engineering field as well as medical, law, or business school. In the tradition of the Johns Hopkins University, many undergraduates are also involved in research, working closely with faculty and graduate students in research groups.

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Our mission is to define and educate a new archetype of innovative and fundamentally-grounded engineer at the undergraduate and graduate levels through the fusion of fundamental chemical engineering principles and emerging disciplines. We will nurture our passion for technological innovation, scientific discovery, and leadership in existing and newly created fields that transcend traditional boundaries. We will be known for developing leaders in our increasingly technological society who are unafraid to explore uncharted engineering, scientific, and medical frontiers that will benefit humanity.

Recent graduates of the ChemBE program will attain within a few years of graduation:

(1) careers in industrial, academic, or government organizations related to chemical, physical, and life sciences and engineering, and/or pursue graduate or professional education;

(2) positions in which they apply their chemical and biomolecular engineering skills to solve diverse traditional and emerging problems in the workplace.

The department also offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees. These programs emphasize research leading to written thesis.

Undergraduate students strongly involved in research may be interested in our BS/MSE program in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering that allows students to obtain a Masters in Science in Engineering immediately after the Bachelors of Science by adding an additional year of study.


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Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lise Dahuron (410) 516-6817

Academic Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Jenny Seat (410) 516-9941

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