1913 | Founding of the Department of Engineering

After receiving an endowment from the state of Maryland in 1912 for $600,000, the Department of Engineering had its first students matriculate in 1913.

1915 | The Engineering Building Opens

The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Building opened in 1915, and was renamed Maryland Hall in 1931 to thank the state for its contribution to the university.

1937 | Department of Chemical & Gas Engineering

Our department was established in 1937 by four professors in the School of Engineering. (Left: Ralph Witt, Paul Emmett, Charles Bonilla (Not Pictured: Lloyd Logan)

1979 | Department of Chemical Engineering

After the School of Engineering dissolved from 1971-78, it was reformed in 1979 along with the Department of Chemical Engineering. (Left: Stanley Corrsin, William Schwarz, Joseph Katz, Marc Donohue)

2004 | Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

We officially became the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering in 2004.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University has a long and prestigious history dating back to the formation of the Department of Engineering in 1913, and eventually the establishment of the Department of Chemical and Gas Engineering in 1937. Today, our department strives to be a leader in research and education in the field of chemical and biomolecular engineering. We challenge our students with a rigorous curriculum containing elements of biology, physics, chemistry, and advanced mathematical and computational methods. Every student also has the opportunity to join any one of 21 different laboratories studying a variety of topics such as electrochemistry, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, drug delivery, green energy, and many more.

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