Johns Hopkins Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is leading advances in Engineering for Precision Medicine.

We are developing innovative platforms for the diagnosis, prognosis, and precision care of cancer patients, and integrating state-of-the-art bioengineering, imaging, and computational tools with animal models to create novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets that will open new frontiers in the treatment of cancer and immune-related diseases. We are pioneering design principles of supramolecular nanomaterials in order to develop personalized cancer treatment and vaccines. Recently, we have expanded our expertise to include artificial intelligence-based imaging techniques for the analysis of a large volume of tissue at single-cell resolution.

Our department provides educational and training opportunities for students interested in applying chemical and biomolecular engineering principles to next-generation precision medicine. Our academic offerings include interdisciplinary courses that cover fundamentals and applications of cell biology, biomaterials, and drug delivery and we are leading collaborative multidisciplinary research projects in partnership with investigators in other engineering disciplines and with colleagues at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Primary Faculty

Honggang Cui
David Gracias
Sangmoo Jeong
Efie Kokkoli
Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Stavroula Sofou
Jamie Spangler
Denis Wirtz