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Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lilian Lam Josephson (Spring 2023)
Academic Program Coordinator, Sonya Brown

Advising Manuals

2023 Undergraduate Advising Manual

View undergraduate advising manuals for students entering 2018 – 2022

Required Courses and Sample Plans of Study

These program-specific sample Plans of Study are a reference tool for students to get an idea of what their full four years of coursework could look like across their undergraduate program.

Sample Plans of Study and Required Courses for students entering Fall 2022

Class Meeting Information

First-Year Class Meeting – Fall 2022
Sophomore Class Meeting – Fall 2022
ChemBE Class Meeting (All Years) Slide Deck – Fall 2022

Requirement Waiver and Exception Forms

Undergraduate Substitution-Exception-Waiver (SEW) Form

The procedure for obtaining an exception to any ChemBE requirement is as follows:

First, the student must meet with their faculty advisor to discuss the circumstances leading to the exception request. If your advisor agrees that an exception may be warranted, the student and advisor will fill out a WSE Undergraduate Substitution-Exception-Waiver (SEW) Form and email it to the Director of Undergraduate Studies with their faculty advisor and the Academic Program Coordinator CC’d. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will then evaluate the request and reply to the student’s email to either approve the request or explain why the request cannot be approved. If approved, the Academic Program Coordinator will update the student’s file in the Degree Audit System to reflect this exception and respond via email to verify this change has been processed.


What type of research you are conducting, and under which faculty member, will determine what research course you should register for:

  • EN.540.511 – ChemBE Undergraduate Research: UG Research conducted within ChemBE. Students sign up for the section instructed by the PI they are doing research under.
  • EN.540.501 – Interdepartmental Undergraduate Research: Research conducted by ChemBE students outside of the School of Engineering. Students sign up for the section instructed by their Faculty Advisor.

Click here for a list of each faculty members research section number.

Students doing research outside of the Engineering School (at the School of Medicine, Krieger School, etc.) may be allowed to use their research credits as engineering elective credits.
Complete the Research Credits Outside of WSE form in your junior year to apply for these credits.


The department’s Safety Resource Center includes information about lab safety requirements.
Additional information about lab safety at JHU can be found on the JHU Lab Safety website.

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