Winter 2017

Tackling Trash

Two Johns Hopkins doctoral students decided to take on a persistent problem facing Baltimore after finding inspiration in an unlikely source: “Mr. Trash Wheel.”

Winter 2017

Oh, the Places They Go!

Prateek Gowda has some advice for anyone tutoring an 8-year-old: Don’t underestimate the power of math games, Dr. Seuss books, and the occasional bag of spicy sweet chili Doritos chips.

Summer 2016

Modeling Truss Designs of Yesteryear

Claudio Malicdem was born more than a century too late to work on constructing any of the approximately 10,000 covered wooden truss bridges that spanned waterways in America from the mid-1800s to the early 21st century. Yet over the last year, he has spent close to 500 hours working to replicate four of the most famous wooden truss bridge styles in miniature.

Summer 2016

Giving CT a Closer Look

Minutes before his doctoral oral exam, Qian Cao checked his email and got a thrilling surprise: The PhD candidate had…

Summer 2016

Hands-On at Barclay

Sixth-grader Ryan Boyce eyes the tangle of straws, wooden dowels, and duct tape in his hand. He’s sitting in a…

Summer 2016

The Power of Chocolate

While most are familiar with the rich taste of chocolate, few know what that sweet deliciousness looks like under a…

Summer 2016

Armed to Succeed

Lydia Carroll’s ’16 undergraduate major—biomedical engineering—is a sweet spot at the intersection of two passions: neuroscience and “building stuff.” So…

Summer 2016

Meeting Needs in Rural India

When Param Shah ’18 traveled to the Himalayas in India on a service trip nearly three years ago, he was…

Winter 2016

Behind Prison Walls

When Nikhil Jois was a first- semester freshman at Johns Hopkins, a friend advised him to get outside the “Hopkins…