Winter 2023

Hands-On Learning, Forged by Fire

The rhythmic ping of steel hammers echoing behind the Wyman Park Building announces the presence of the Blue Jay Blacksmithing Club,…

Winter 2023

Lending a Hand to Future Astronauts

Astronauts on future NASA missions will explore complex terrains on the moon and Mars wearing next-generation spacesuits designed to provide…

Winter 2023

Cultivating Food Security

An interest in the intersection of community work and food systems led Marisa Thomas, a senior in environmental health and engineering,…

Spring 2022

Space Ambassador

When he was 12, Apurva Varia wrote to NASA to ask if a deaf person could go to space. It…

Spring 2022

Fiddling Around

  Joanna Clare, a fourth-year Materials Science and Engineering major from Syracuse, New York, can delineate differences in, say, polymers…

Spring 2022

Solving Real-World Problems with AI

As artificial intelligence transforms the world, Michael Chungoyn,  a PhD candidate in chemical and biomolecular engineering, doesn’t want public school…

Spring 2022

Better Bioplastics, Cleaner Beaches

  Beach cleanups and trash wheels are great, but what if the materials used to make the plastic packaging littering…

Winter 2022

Doctor of Engineering Program Focuses on Practice

Created for midcareer individuals working full time and piloted with APL, the Doctor of Engineering program at Johns Hopkins University offers students like Austin DiOrio, ME ’10 the flexibility they need.