Summer 2020

He ‘Touched’ a Satellite

The observation window at Goddard Space Flight Center looks out onto the world’s largest clean room, where a gleaming golden hexagon is hoisted on display — a mirror segment left over from Kenneth Harris’ most recent project.

Winter 2020

An ‘Audacious’ Mission to Saturn’s Titan Moon

A new billion-dollar mission known as Dragonfly is headed to Titan to gather clues about how life formed on Earth, whether life exists on Titan now, and what it takes for extraterrestrial destinations to be habitable.

Winter 2020

The Heart of Innovation

Even under the best circumstances, clinical trials in medicine are notoriously lengthy and costly—so much so, says Misti Ushio ’94, that many researchers shy away from taking risks with trial design and the interventions they’re testing.

Winter 2020

Math Meets Fashion at Talbots

Laura Beaulieu ’08, MSE ’09, is using her applied mathematics background at Talbots to build the company’s analytics structure and provide insights that guide marketing and sales efforts.

Winter 2020

Epcot’s Head Engineer

Roger Arnold ’83, Epcot’s director of engineering services, uses his knowledge and experience to find the right answers to challenges ranging from cast development and capital investment strategy to ride safety.

Winter 2020

Making Magic at Disney

At Walt Disney World, Marcus D’Amelio ’98 combines his three passions—electrical engineering, gaming, and theater.

Winter 2020

Rewind: 60 Years of the Tutorial Project

With its origins in the civil rights era, the program is one of the oldest and longest-running campus tutoring efforts in the country.

Spring 2019

Hipper Hearing

Kevin Franck, MSE ’04, is on a mission to help the world hear better—and that starts, he says, “by changing the perception of everyone around us.”

Spring 2019

The Itinerant Accountant

Brenda Yoo’s lifelong motto is, “Why not try it?” And she’s living that dictum now, working as a production accountant—a career that she had no experience in when she started 15 years ago.