Winter 2015

Thread of Opportunity

As a biomedical doctoral student, Sarah Hemminger ’02, PhD ’10, had driven past the intersection of Caroline and Orleans streets…

Summer 2014

Honoring Two WSE Founders

This year, Johns Hopkins and the Whiting School of Engineering lost two former university board members who were influential in…

Summer 2014

Rewind: Pretty Plush

With fireplaces and maid service, the ARMs made for luxurious dorm living. Phillips Bradford ’62 remembered being completely bowled over…

Summer 2014

A Type-A Tracker for Fitness Buffs

Two Whiting School alums are grabbing headlines with a new fitness tracker prototype called Atlas, which is expected to hit…

Summer 2014

Small Town, Big Issues

After the company she was working for was sold, Cecilia Lenk ’76 decided to indulge a long-standing interest in politics….

Summer 2014

The Magic of Animation

As a Hopkins freshman, Cary Phillips ’85, MS ’85, took a special-interest course in chemistry. What fascinated him most wasn’t the…

Summer 2014

Toss of the Coin

Sometimes it’s best not to be too far ahead of the market. That’s the lesson Kanishk Parashar ’03 learned when…

Summer 2014

Living the Dream

Since January, technology entrepreneur Elliot Menschik ’93, MS ’93, has split his weeks between Philadelphia and Baltimore, alternating between teaching entrepreneurship…