Winter 2017

Rewind: Ahead of the Curve

The “father” of computer science at Johns Hopkins may be William H. Huggins, who encouraged university administrators to acquire the university’s first computer in the early 1960s, and he became a strong proponent of using computers as teaching tools.

Winter 2017

Doing the Right Thing in Flint

Pan Ji, MS ’11, says she once believed that engineers needed to be “emotionally unattached and isolated from the public.” Her perspective changed after preparing sampling kits and processing water samples from hundreds of homes in Flint, Michigan.

Winter 2017

One Crabby Chef

When it came to making sure he ate well as a Johns Hopkins undergrad, necessity truly was the mother of invention for Dharshan Munidasa ’94, who taught himself to cook after finding cafeteria food not to his liking. Today, he is one of Asia’s most celebrated chefs and the owner of five restaurants in Sri Lanka that consistently earn critical acclaim.

Winter 2017

An Eco Entrepreneur Who Sees Green

Cutting-edge entrepreneur Leslie Silverglide ’02 opened her 10th restaurant last summer in a prime spot near San Francisco’s Union Square. The award-winning Mixt specializes in delicious, high-quality salads made with local, seasonal, and organic produce.

Winter 2017

Ensuring Internet Freedom

Nnake Nweke loves an intellectual challenge. It’s what drives him in his new role as the first director of the Office of Internet Freedom for the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Winter 2017

All Aboard

Inspecting incidents on the railways can involve putting first responders in harm’s way and can take hours or even days. That’s why the TSA tasked the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory with coming up with a better solution.

Winter 2017

Bone Deep

In collaboration with three spine surgeons at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Maxim Budyansky, MSE ’11, and Neil Shah, MSE ’11, have invented a device intended to radically improve the process of harvesting autologous bone grafts.

Summer 2016

Up and Comer

David Narrow, MSE ’13, the CEO of Sonavex, a company aimed at improving outcomes for surgical patients by providing clinicians…