Winter 2018

Rewind: The Poly Pipeline

Poly’s graduates have long been a regular—and welcome—addition to the Johns Hopkins Engineering student body.

Summer 2017

The (Shrimp) Eyes Have It

Viktor Gruev, MS ’00, PhD ’04, has emulated the mantis shrimp’s visual system to design image sensors for early cancer detection.

Summer 2017

Safety in the Skies

As more aircraft continue to crowd our skies, Ryan Gardner, MSE ’08, PhD ’09, has been focusing on ensuring the effectiveness of the Federal Aviation Administration’s new collision avoidance system.

Summer 2017

Sounds of Progress

Lina Reiss, PhD ’05, is pursuing two avenues of research: a better hybrid cochlear implant and helping people with hearing loss interpret the sounds they can hear.

Summer 2017

Hedging Your Bets

George Sykes ’91 never could have predicted his last 25 years riding the nation’s careening financial markets.

Summer 2017

Smart Socks Aim to Avert Amputations

Ran Ma ’10 is the co-founder of Siren Care, a company that has developed socks that alert wearers with diabetes to foot problems before they become at risk for amputation.

Summer 2017

Rewind: Roads to Recovery

J. Trueman Thompson relied on relief labor to construct a campus road system during the Great Depression.

Winter 2017

Rewind: Ahead of the Curve

The “father” of computer science at Johns Hopkins may be William H. Huggins, who encouraged university administrators to acquire the university’s first computer in the early 1960s, and he became a strong proponent of using computers as teaching tools.

Winter 2017

Doing the Right Thing in Flint

Pan Ji, MS ’11, says she once believed that engineers needed to be “emotionally unattached and isolated from the public.” Her perspective changed after preparing sampling kits and processing water samples from hundreds of homes in Flint, Michigan.