Spring 2022

Using Food to Fight Anti-Asian Hate

When Tim Ma, MS ’05, left his job as a senior hardware engineer with Raytheon to attend culinary school, his…

Spring 2022

Ready for Takeoff

Ayushi Mishra, MS ’16, grew up the daughter of academics. Her father held a doctorate in physics; her mother, a…

Spring 2022

Numbers Game

Think of baseball, and you think of numbers. The last player to bat .400 was Ted Williams in 1941. No…

Spring 2022

Blooming Opportunity

Using low-cost but accurate tools, Ikbal Choudhury ’21 and his partners are bringing science education and environmental conservation to young…

Winter 2022

Homing in on the Range

As founder and CEO of Roper, Maeve Garigan ’01, MA ’08, aims to revolutionize beef production with innovative technology — a GPS-enabled ear tag for cattle

Winter 2022

Using AI in New Ways

As a Master Inventor and distinguished engineer at IBM, Aaron Baughman, MS ’07, has created AI-based experiences for the U.S. Open, the Masters Tournament, ESPN fantasy football, the Grammy Awards, and others — work that, in turn, has led to some extraordinary real-life experiences.

Winter 2022

Cleaning Up Transportation

As co-founder and CTO of ClearFlame Engine Technologies, Julie Blumreiter ’08 is taking  the dirty out of the diesel engine and setting a new standard for sustainability in the transportation sector.

Winter 2022

Personalized Treatment for PTSD

Blythe Karow ’02, co-founder and CEO of Evren Technologies, has developed a medical device to treat PTSD by boosting the parasympathetic response to put the user in a more relaxed state.

Summer 2021

Redefining Down Syndrome

After earning his degree in electrical engineering, Nik Nikic ’84 applied those lessons to a rewarding career. But perhaps their most spectacular application has been his work with his son, Chris, who last Nov. 7 became the first person with Down syndrome to finish an Ironman triathlon.