Spring 2019

$1.8 Billion Gift Is ‘Transformative’ At WSE

Michael Bloomberg’s recent gift will allow Johns Hopkins to significantly enhance its financial aid packages, and become permanently need-blind and loan-free.

WSE Programs Rank High At WSE

The latest engineering graduate program rankings from U.S. News & World Report.

Katz Named to NAE At WSE

Katz was cited “for development of optical methods in experimental fluid mechanics for turbomachinery, cavitation, turbulence, and environmental flows.”

Getting to the Heart of Rhythm Disorders At WSE

Johns Hopkins experts aim to improve the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders that affect millions of people by leveraging innovations in cardiac imaging, computer simulations, and data science.

The Rhodes to Reproductive Health At WSE

Fourth-year student Alaleh Azhir is one of 32 American students to be awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 2019, which enables her to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Toward Excellence in Academic Advising At WSE

The Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences are embarking on a two-year initiative to evaluate and improve their academic advising processes.

Home to Homewood At WSE

Students in three master’s degree programs at the Whiting School can now jump-start their course work months before they step foot on the Homewood campus, thanks to Home2Homewood.

Against the Odds Impact

Why do people make high-risk decisions —not only in casinos but also in other aspects of their lives—even when they know the odds are stacked against them?

Look What’s Missing! Impact

Knowing the variations in genomes across populations is essential to research design to reveal why certain people or groups of people may be more or less susceptible to common health conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Foraging Clues Impact

If buying that latest tech gizmo really matters to you, you’ll not only be willing to spend more, but you may also rush to be first in line to slap your credit card on the counter according to a Johns Hopkins study.

Trending Impact

Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins engineers.

Safety First: Building a Resilient Future Features

Of all the remarkable things engineers do for humanity, none may be more important than the ways in which they improve our resiliency, keeping us safe from the many potential harms the world has in store.

Extreme Creativity Features

An unlikely collaboration between engineers and artists has yielded inspired creations in both fields.

Roadwork Ahead Features

Self-driving cars have the potential to stem the carnage of traffic fatalities on our streets, but a safe rollout is imperative. A Johns Hopkins team is working toward a national road map for autonomous vehicle testing.

Geese, Be Gone! Students

If you see a robot patrolling the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory campus, looking for wild geese and scaring them off, you’ll know that Bijan Varjavand has succeeded.

Getting Their Hands Dirty Students

Many mechanical engineering students enter college with little or no prior experience working on engines. Stephen Belkoff aims to fix that—with help from a pair of antique Ford N-series tractors.

Pain-Free Course Registration Students

Semester.ly ranks among the most impressive student-driven successes at Johns Hopkins in recent decades. The innovative course scheduling platform has taken root at Johns Hopkins and at other universities in North America.

Power Tower Students

The annual Tower of Power contest challenges teams of undergraduates, graduate students, staff members, alumni, and area middle school students to engineer the tallest possible towers from uncooked pasta and marshmallows.

Hipper Hearing Alumni

Kevin Franck, MSE ’04, is on a mission to help the world hear better—and that starts, he says, “by changing the perception of everyone around us.”

The Itinerant Accountant Alumni

Brenda Yoo’s lifelong motto is, “Why not try it?” And she’s living that dictum now, working as a production accountant—a career that she had no experience in when she started 15 years ago.

Captain Paradise Alumni

An aircraft carrier is the perfect example of an immensely complex system. And leading it, says Matthew Paradise, MS ’02, is “a huge systems engineering and project management challenge.”

From the Dean: Spring 2019 From The Dean

As all engineers know, there is always more work to be done. With you, the WSE community, as our partner, the impact we have will be tremendous.

Seeking Openness Back Talk

Why it’s crucial to address exclusionary practices.