Spring 2019

“Get football out of the universities.”

10/29/18, Forbes

Steven Salzberg, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, and Biostatistics, advocating for college football to be structured as a privately run minor league for the NFL, which, he asserts, it already is, in effect. Universities then could generate income from the use of their names, facilities, and more, while it also would end controversies related to paying student athletes and the quality of their educations.

“If you can’t trust  the money the government issues, then you can’t trust anything.”

11/1/18, New York Times

Steve Hanke, professor of environmental and health engineering, and a leading expert in hyperinflation, discussing the damage hyperinflation can have on individuals and on nations in an article about the current situation in Venezuela.

“Our study indicates that, at least in terms of methane emissions, China’s government is talking the talk but has not been able to walk the walk.”

1/29/19, New York Times

Scot Miller, assistant professor of environmental health and engineering, proved that China not only had failed to meet its own regulations requiring the reduction of methane emissions over the past five years, but instead had exacerbated the problem.

“This is like you driving down the road at 100 mph while taking out your engines and transmission to replace them!”


Sean Sun, professor of mechanical engineering, who is working toward the creation of a space elevator that would feature a tether made of materials that, drawing inspiration from biology, could self-repair if ruptured.