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‘Black-Starting’ the Power Grid

In the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters, a loss of electricity not only disrupts transportation and shutters medical facilities, it also hampers the work of relief personnel.

The Itinerant Accountant

Brenda Yoo’s lifelong motto is, “Why not try it?” And she’s living that dictum now, working as a production accountant—a career that she had no experience in when she started 15 years ago.


Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins engineers.

JHU Brand Ambassador

Clark Kent has Superman. Peter Parker has Spider-Man. And Justin Stith has Jay. The Johns Hopkins Blue Jay, that is.


Recent awards and honors earned by Whiting School of Engineering researchers.

Breath of Fresh Air

As chair of the newly formed Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, Marsha Wills-Karp is bridging disciplines and campuses.

Solving Climate Change Conundrums

If there’s anything that’s certain about the effects of climate change, says Ben Hobbs, it’s how much is still uncertain.