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Toward Better Treatment for Breast Cancer

Soojung Claire Hur has been awarded a three-year research grant from the Susan G. Komen Foundation to develop a system that will help physicians personalize treatment plans for metastatic breast cancer patients.

Beating the Odds

Meet three students who hit their stride at Johns Hopkins, thanks largely to a supportive program that helps them thrive.

Designing for Disability

Johns Hopkins engineering students are working with Volunteers for Medical Engineering, a Baltimore-based group that uses volunteer engineers to create individually designed devices for disabled people in need.

Getting Their Hands Dirty

Many mechanical engineering students enter college with little or no prior experience working on engines. Stephen Belkoff aims to fix that—with help from a pair of antique Ford N-series tractors.

Safety First: Building a Resilient Future

Of all the remarkable things engineers do for humanity, none may be more important than the ways in which they improve our resiliency, keeping us safe from the many potential harms the world has in store.

Extreme Creativity

An unlikely collaboration between engineers and artists has yielded inspired creations in both fields.


Trending quotes from Johns Hopkins engineers.

Wind Power’s Smooth Operators

Fleets of small fossil-fuel power plants typically smooth fluctuations in electric power. But could wind farms themselves provide that service?

Two Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Jennifer Elisseeff, professor of biomedical engineering, and Charles Meneveau, professor of mechanical engineering, were among 83 new members, along with 16 foreign members, elected into the 2018 class.