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Behold the Cockroach

The lowly cockroach has long been vilified as a spreader of disease and a marker of filth and squalor. But Chen Li, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is studying them to improve the way robots navigate.


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3-D Lattices That Are Very Cool

Sometimes, materials just don’t behave the way you need them to. So Timothy P. Weihs and his collaborators have gotten creative. By weaving metal threads into intricate patterns, he can make webby 3-D materials with unique properties.


“Unfortunately I think the thing that has improved the most in the past 10 years is the sophistication of the…


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Blocking the Bounce

When a rubber ball or block falls to the floor, it bounces. Yet, recently, an architected rubber block made by…


Metallic Lattices A trio of engineering researchers—from the mechanical, materials science, and civil engineering departments—has invented a new architecture for…

Tech Tools: Dialing in a Diagnosis

Chlamydia has become one of the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States, generating an astounding 4 million…

Minuscule Marvels

To most people, spider crickets are pesky insects that leap crazily out of dark corners in basements and garages, making…