Winter 2017

“Unfortunately I think the thing that has improved the most in the past 10 years is the sophistication of the hackers.” 

8/5/16, NPR’s Science Friday

Avi Rubin, technical director of the JHU Information Security Institute, discussing threats to the security of U.S. voting systems.

“We became like a family.”

9/7/26, The Los Angeles Times

Andrew Feinberg, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, describing working with astronaut Scott Kelly and his twin, Mark, for the NASA Twins Study of the health effects of living in space. Feinberg led the study of the twins’ epigenetic markers.

“…the smoother that wave is as it passes down your body, the faster you will cut through water.”

8/11/16, New Yorker

Rajat Mittal, mechanical engineering professor, discussing the physics of complex flows as they apply to the effectiveness of swimmer Michael Phelps’ dolphin kick.

“We’re not going to be able to push HDTV over an acoustic modem anytime soon.”

11/3/16, wired

Louis Whitcomb, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and expert in underwater acoustic communications, who this fall spent 45 days in the Arctic Circle, exploring underwater terrain and sea life using underwater drones.